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Metabolomics Australia

 MStractor as an open-source automated workflow tool developed in-house by AWRI-MA.


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Metabolomics Australia has four national nodes offering synergistic technologies that can be employed individually or collaboratively to provide research services.

These four nodes include:

  • Victoria:

The hub of Metabolomics Australia is embedded in the heart of Melbourne University’s world-famous academic and biomedical research precinct, at The University of Melbourne Bio21 Institute for Molecular Science and Biotechnology ( The node offers comprehensive metabolomic services covering detection, analysis and interpretation.

  • South Australia:

The Australian Wine Research Institute Ltd in Adelaide, South Australia provides metabolomic services for a wide range of biological species including those associated with the food and beverage industries (

  • Western Australia:

The University of Western Australia Centre for Metabolomics ( provides metabolomic services for all areas of the life sciences.

  • Queensland:

The University of Queensland offers specialised expertise in metabolomic engineering and fluxomics at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (