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Covid-19 Research at University of Queensland Node.


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University of Melbourne

The node at University of Melbourne utilises multiple platforms for the broad capture of metabolite across the chemical spectrum. Instruments include multiple configurations of gas chromagraphy mass spectrometers, liquid chromatography mass spectrometers and a high resolution imaging mass spectrometer;



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LC-Orbitrap-MS Thermo_1
LC-Orbitrap-MS Thermo_2
GC-QQQ-MS Shimadzu TQ8040
GC-QQQ-MS Shimadzu 8050
LC-QQQ-MS 002 Agilent 6490
LC-QQQ-MS 003 Agilent 6490
LC-QTOF-MS Agilent 6545B
LC-Triple TOF-MS Sciex 6600
GC-QQQ-MS Agilent 7000
GC-QQQ-MS Agilent 7010
3 x GC-Q-MS Agilent 5975
Imaging Bruker Solarix 7T FTMS